Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wonder"FALL" Crop (and some random stories)

I just wanted to let you all know that there is an online crop at My Scraps & More this Saturday!!
There will be lots of fun fall themed challenges, and the lucky winner will recieve the Finally Fall line from Bella Blvd....lucky indeed! And to top it all of, Tammi is offering 30% off your total purchase from the store. Just use code FALLCROP30, good through this weekend.
Stop by and check it out at My Scraps & More!
Now for some funny kid least they were funny moments to me!
First up, Miss Grace!
We were driving to my friend Brooke's house for a Primary Presidency Meeting for church. Brooke lives an hour away. About halfway there Grace gets the fabulous idea to play the quiet game.
This is quite the feat for her....she talks non-stop, especially in the car!!
I agreed, and she informed me that it was going to be a contest to see who could be quiet all the way to Brooke's house. I was pretty surprised because I had just told her that was another half hour away. So I decided to watch the clock and see how long she made it. :) Any guesses?
Yeah...she made it approximately 20 seconds before I heard "Mom, lets start over because I have something to say!" this girl! Then she changed the rules so that some talking was allowed, but only if you were asking for a drink or a snack or singing along to the music...but you could only do that if it was one of your most favorite songs. :) Where do they come up with these things?!
Now Joshua:
He has been really into any topic from History lately. I love this about him! We've been checking out books from the library on a number of subjects: the Titannic, George Washington, the Revolutionary War, the Pilgrims, Sam Houston, the Civil War, Sept. 11th, etc. He asks me questions constantly all day after school!
Now, I did major in history and I have quite a love of the subject myself, but my studies were pretty focused on WWII era, so with some (OK, a LOT) of these topics I don't have all the answers to his questions. For a while I could satisfy is questions, but lately I've been getting question like "How many men did it take to build the Titannic? Did it take more men to build the Titannic or the Statue of Liberty?" If I tell him I'm not sure, he wants to know why I don't know!
On the one hand I am flattered that he thinks I am supposed to know everything. I am his mom afterall. :) But on the other hand...who really knows those answers!?
Then today after he asked yet another question I didn't know the answer to, he very seriously says "well Mom, you're pretty smart, but you're not the smartest."
Dang...he's figured me out already!
I'm so grateful for these kids that made me laugh today!

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