Monday, March 5, 2012

Random thoughts

I couldn't decide what I wanted to post here on the old blog today, so this is a post made up of my random thoughts. :) Enjoy!

Numero Uno:
I have discovered {for the millionth time, I think} that I don't handle life well when my kids are sick. I get pretty stressed out, which leads to orneriness (on my part...the kids are actually quite sweet and polite when they are sick). So anyway, Joshua was throwing up for about 24 hours straight, and I was a bit of a basket case. He didn't have a fever or any other symptoms, but he was throwing up a lot and his stomach ache seemed to be getting worse. He had done nothing but lay on the couch (or in bed) and moan a lot. I was almost certain I would be taking him to the doctor today to see if he had an appendicitis. Even this morning he was still in a lot of pain so I called and made him an appointment for this afternoon. About an hour after I called the doctor, he all the sudden gets up and starts walking around, then we wants to sit up and color, then he wants to eat lunch, and pretty soon he's telling me that I better call and cancel his doctor's appointment because he feels just like normal. I have no idea what happened, but today I am really grateful for his sudden return to health. Maybe it was just time for his body to be better, maybe he had flushed out what ever was bothering him...I don't know what happened, but I am certainly counting it as a small miracle in my book!

Numero Dos:
We have been having some really nice days around long as you don't mind crazy wind, of course. :) The temperatures have been in the 70's a lot, so we are trying to take advantage of that. Last week we drew this awesome racetrack on the driveway, and the kids played out there for hours, racing their cars around.

Numero Tres:

I just wanted to post a couple of my recent projects. My time on the design team at My Scraps and More is drawing to a my choice. I have discovered over the last few months that while I do enjoy my hobby very much, it is not really high on my list of things that I want to spend my time doing everyday. Kind of a "good, better, best" choice. It is a good thing to use my talents, and I enjoy it, but I just really feel that, for me, it is not the best use of my time or talents. There are too many other priorities, so this added responsibility was just taking up space on a plate that is already pretty full. So at the end of the month I will be done, and honestly, I feel quite "free" at the thought. Considering how I always wanted to try being on a design team, it's kind of funny, huh? :)

Yep, I think that is all the randomness for to make dinner!
Have a good one!