Thursday, September 15, 2011

The End of Summer and the Beginning of FALL!!

I tell you what...
there were days these last couple of months that I thought summer (and the INSANE heat it brought with it) would never end!!
Much to my surprise and complete joy), we seem to be hitting the end of Summer!
Welcome Fall, I love you!

We started this last weekend by going to our first football game of the season.
Our poor Harvesters got walloped...but you will probably still find us watching them play again next home game.
After all what else do you do 'round here on a Friday night?!

These Harvester Fans are a sure sign that fall is here:

The kids were so excited for the game. Joshua was excited because he likes the games, Grace was excited because she knows she gets to pick out a treat at halftime. :) That girl...

On Saturday we had one last summer swim. The kids and I spent all afternoon outside in the perfect 85* sunshine. It was lovely. Fido even joined us outside...he loves to eat grass (or anything, for that matter).

It was a fun way to say goodbye to summer...and I'm glad it was cool enough to be outside that long!
Can't wait for all of the fall and winter activities coming our way soon!

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