Tuesday, August 27, 2013

And They're Off!!

Yep, yesterday was the first day of school.
Isn't it crazy how fast the summer flies by?!
We did have a great summer though.
Lots of fun activities as a family, which was perfect!

And now the big kids are off to school!
Joshua started 3rd grade and Grace started 1st grade.
It is going to be a great year, I can just tell!
At their school this year they have a new principal and a new assistant principal, 
as well as lots of new teachers.
Both of their teachers are new to the school.
It's lots of changes at one time, but we feel really excited about the changes!
We have been so impressed with Joshua and Grace's teachers, as well as the new administration.
They are great ladies who really seem to care about our kids, which means a lot to me.
And the kids are so excited for school this year, which also means a lot to me!
Every day I ask them what their favorite part of school was that day.
Neither of them could pick one yesterday.
There were just too many good things, they said.
Oh how I love to hear that!!

Love those cute, happy faces! Here's to a wonderful school year!