Friday, September 30, 2011


Today I am especially grateful for Bryan.
I have been reflecting on how seriously AWESOME he is...and well, I couldn't help but be grateful (and amazed!). How did I get so lucky?!

One thing that made me remember, yet again, how great he is: I had my card workshop last night. Bryan came in and checked on everyone to see how they were doing. I love that he isn't embarrassed/afraid to come into a room of 9 women crazily crafting away and "Oohh and Ahh" over their creations! :) I mean really, most men would stay far away from something like that. I love that he not only supports my hobbies, but he does it happily! What a catch!

I am often left in awe of how really, truly, perfect he is for me. I can't imagine anyone better!

And since he supports my little hobby so nicely, I thought I would share a layout I made recently with some pictures we took on our last anniversary. It's my favorite!

Isn't love grand?!

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