Tuesday, October 30, 2012

37 weeks

Yep, we are almost there!
This sweet baby's due date was three weeks from yesterday.  
It's crazy to think that after all this time we are just days away from meeting our baby girl.
We couldn't be more excited!!

It has been really sweet to see how excited Joshua and Grace are for baby Hannah's arrival.
They no longer want to give me hugs and kisses...just the baby. :) They love to hug and kiss my belly, and Grace can often be found rubbing her nose on my belly, trying to give "Miss Hanny" (as she sometimes calls the baby) nosies.
I love it.
I never thought Joshua and Grace would be this old when baby #3 joined us, but it has been really neat to have them old enough to know and understand what is happening. They are so excited, and already they are being really helpful. They are getting really good at noticing when I drop things and picking them up for me...which is much appreciated! :)

Bryan is also super excited...I think he is more anxious for my upcoming doctor's appointments than I am. :)
Because we are over an hour from the hospital and it is our third baby, our doctor has said that if I ever come to an appointment and he finds I am progressing quite a bit he would keep me there and break my water to induce labor, rather than risk me going back home and going into labor with such a long drive to the hospital. So we are going to each of the appointments with a hospital bag packed, just in case. We can always hope, right? :)
Bryan is such a great dad, and I am excited to see him with a little baby of ours in his arms again.

I am excited, and admittedly a bit nervous. I worry about being so far from the hospital, especially because I have never gone into labor on my own before. What if I don't realize what is happening until it is too late to get there in time?  Yikes!  I really don't want to have a baby on the side of highway 60! :)  And then there is the fact that it has been nearly six years since we had a newborn. I'm sure it will be an adjustment for us all. But in spite of the nerves, I am really, really anxious and excited to meet this little baby girl.  It seems like forever that we have been waiting for this day. I don't know if I can even imagine the joy we are going to feel over the next few weeks as Hannah joins our family!

We love you, baby Hannah!