Monday, September 26, 2011

Growing Up

Kids just seem to have a way of growing up way too fast, don't they?!
I have pretty mixed feelings about it, but haven't found a way to stop it yet! :)

This past weekend we had the opportunity to go visit some wonderful friends for a few days. It has only been a couple of months since we saw them...but I'll take any chance I get! :) The Odells were our 'family' while we were in Law School. We made a lot of fun memories together during that time! We are SO Grateful for them and that they are still apart of our lives!

I only took a couple of pictures while we were there, and one of them reminded me of this picture we took at a pumpkin patch 3 years ago:

Look how little they all look! Can't believe it has been three years already since we went to this pumpkin patch. Such cute friends!

And here they are today...just as cute, and just as good of friends! Love it!

Thanks for having us, Odell family! We enjoyed every minute!

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