Sunday, September 4, 2011

Growing Up & Growing Things

Joshua decided to celebrate starting first grade by loosing his first two teeth as well!

For those of you who have kiddos, you know what an incredibly HUGE thing this is for them! Joshua had been waiting for this day for what seemed like FOR-EV-ER. :)
He had been wiggling them for weeks, and he was so excited when they were loose enough to pull out.

He came to me in the afternoon and wanted me to pull them out. thank you.
I had never thought much about it, but when faced with having to pull my son's teeth out it was suddenly very clear to me that this was a "Dad job." :)
So the poor kid had to wait all the way until dinnertime.

But he survived and we had a lovely pre-dinner show of watching Joshua get his teeth pulled...lovely indeed.
Seriously, we were sitting at the table and Joshua was wondering how he was going to eat when his teeth were so loose. So Bryan took care of it by pulling them out, then and there!
Yeah, next time we will pick another time and place for teeth pulling, I think! :)

But anyway, it got the job done and we still even enjoyed our dinner.
Here is our toothless boy!!:

Toothless and his accomplice, so happy!!:
Funny thing is, his adult teeth were already growing in behind, so he really doesn't look too different, but, you know, it is still really cool!!
So while Joshua has been doing things like going to school and loosing teeth and other things that mean he is growing up, I have been attempting to grow things in our garden.
The weather has really not helped me out this year! It has been so HOT! Of all the five things I planted, only one has survived....and I even remembered to water them all.
Anyway, the mighty survivor is......

The Cantaloupe!!!
It was small, and beautiful and perfect....and so very, very yummy!
I didn't know I liked cantaloupe so much 'till I ate this one.
I was so proud of myself!
And I just picked another perfect one today...amazing!

Lots of good Growing going on around here!

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  1. You mean that you don't like to watch his teeth being yanked out right before you eat your dinner? It is such a big thing for kids. I remember Hailey being so scared to have her first one pulled out and now she can do it herself. Congrats to Joshua. I hope the Tooth Fairy didn't forget to visit :)