Friday, June 22, 2012

Awesome Mom

The kiddos were just out in the sandbox, so I was going to take a quick minute and post these pictures.  
The title of my original post was "Mean Mom". :) 
You know, it's one of those days where I won't let them play video games and watch TV all day...what a mean mom!
There has been much moping and moaning and out right fit throwing going on, mostly just on the part of the kids, and it is barely lunch time. :)
Off to a good start.
I told them I had to blow dry my hair, and since they both still don't like the sound of the blow dryer it was a surefire way to get a few minutes alone. Tricky.
I did really dry my hair, but then I thought I would sneak in a quick blog post for this neglected blog.
 Just as I was about to start my post the kids came back in and Joshua read the title.
"You can't call it that!! You aren't a mean mom! You should call it Awesome Mom!"
I love how a few minutes in the sandbox can change their tune so quickly!

I sure love these kids...even when we have days of moping and moaning and mean mom-ing.
After all, 
I am an awesome mom! :)

1 comment:

  1. You ARE an awesome mom, Janelle!

    The kids are getting so big- and Joshua looks just like his daddy! I hope that you guys had a great trip!