Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Party Time!

Two weeks ago we celebrated a special occasion at our house...
Our house's birthday!
We like to have a bit of a party every year on the anniversary of the day we bought our we've done it a whopping two times now! :)
I am pretty sure this is a tradition that will hold, though, as the kids love it and, really, who's going to complain about an extra opportunity to eat cake?! Especially house cake.
It is fun to take a minute and think about all the things we have done in this house in the last couple of years.
We have made a lot of changes to the place, inside and out.
We've taken down wall paper, painted pretty much the whole house, replaced light fixtures, torn out bushes, fixed up the porch swing, and put in garden boxes and a sand box (thanks to our dad's for doing that one!). I love that we have been able to make it ours!
And we have made so many memories here already! We've had our first Christmas all by ourselves, we've had family game nights, we've had dinners with friends, we've celebrated birthdays, we've had family come to visit and we actually have room for them to stay with us!! That is the part that I love the most! Room for everyone!
So, happy two years to our house!
Here's to many more years of fun memories within your walls!

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