Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This is what answered prayers looks like...

Did you know that answered prayers look like dripping rain and a dump truck half-full of rain water? Well, that is what they look like here in West Texas.
We have been in severe drought around here...actually most of Texas is. Plus we've had triple digit temperatures almost everyday and high winds. Some people are saying this is the worst drought this area has had since the 1800's. So our church has been fasting and praying for rain.
And...It's working!
We got good solid rainfall for about an hour two nights last week, and it was heavenly! The first time it rained during the night so I didn't actually see it. But Sunday evening it came rolling in again and this time the rain started falling before we went to sleep. I couldn't help but stand out on the porch and watch it for a while. The sound, the smell, and of course the moisture, were so refreshing. How I have missed the rain!
We'll keep praying for more!

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  1. That is so wonderful, Janelle. We have gotten a few drops here and there but no big rains yet, so we are praying still. Even the first little rainstorm with just a little rain was such a huge blessing and we felt so grateful.