Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A few Cards

It has been a pretty good Wednesday around here. The kiddos and I got to go into Amarillo with Bryan this afternoon. He slaved away at work and the kids and I ran some errands in the big city.
Now the kids are in bed and it is wonderfully quiet around here!
Do you love bed time as much as I do?! :)
So, the kids have been unnaturally good at playing together, leaving me not quite sure what to do with myself lately. I actually cleaned the bathroom the other day because I was bored! I usually leave that lovely task until it is desperately dirty or we have company coming, so this was a little weird. Joshua even came in and, looking at me with a confused look on his face, said, "you're cleaning the bathroom?" Yes, Joshua, it has come to that.
Seriously, these two will play for a couple hours at a time, totally in their own world. I have always had this self imposed rule that I do very little, if any, crafting while the kids are awake. I figure I chose to be a stay at home mom so I could mother, not craft, so my craft time has always been after the kids are in bed or before they wake up. Well, since the kids are playing so well together and I can only handle so much cleaning and housekeeping in one day, I have kind of eased up on that rule a bit. :)
Here are a few of my latest creations:

Oh, and guess what, it is raining and thundering outside!
Two days in a row that it has rained! YAY!!!!


  1. I hear ya on cleaning the bathroom! Such cute cards, Janelle. Looks like you've been having some crafty fun lately. It's great when the kids get along well. Only a month or so until school starts again!

  2. You're so creative! I'm secretly hoping that since I married into the family there will be some creativeness that will be passed on to me! :) And I love bedtime!