Friday, September 20, 2013

Photo love

I don't know if you've noticed, but I love pictures. :)
I love taking pictures.
I love looking at pictures.
I love scrapbooking pictures.
I love hanging pictures of my favorite memories and my favorite people on my walls. I want to be surrounded by moments shared with people I love. 
Yeah, I'm a bit obsessed. 

Anyway, today I'm loving this picture:

Precious, isn't it?
It's my Grandma Henke and Hannah back in March when we were up in Utah for a spring break visit. I just love when I manage to capture sweet moments like this. So if anyone ever wonders why I'm a bit obsessed with always having a camera with me, this is why. Love it. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The baby who *almost* crawls...

In this picture it looks like she crawls, right? Well, Miss Hannah's got you fooled!

This silly baby girl will get herself in perfect crawling position, reach for what she wants and grab it...then she sits back down! It's so funny! It seems to me that it would be more difficult for her maneuver herself back to sitting than it would be to just crawl away, but she's got that maneuvering thing down pat. The crawling thing, not so much!

Ohhh, but she is CUTE! And happy, happy, happy, too. :) She is full of smiles and cuddles and happy baby sounds. 

Yeah, I'd say she's got this whole 'melting Mom's heart' thing down pat, too!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I'm pretty sure anyone who has raised children, or is raising children, would agree that somedays you have to look for and hold onto those little moments of joy to help you ride through the, umm, 'less glamorous' moments of being a parent. Well, today was a pretty great day and I had little moments with each of our kids that just made me really grateful for the opportunity to be their mom. I thought I better record those moments, you know, store them away for future days when I need a little sunshine. :)

Joshua: Tonight as I was getting the kids in bed Joshua was begging for time to read the Book of Mormon. Of course I couldn't refuse that, so I let him read in bed for a few minutes. When I came back in to tuck him in bed he told me that the Book of Mormon was his favorite book and he loved reading it. He has been marking his favorite verses as he reads and the other day he told me he has found all kinds of great "power verses" to mark (anyone else think that sounds just like his dad?). :) I'm so grateful he is discovering the great spirit that comes from reading the Book of Mormon!

Grace: I got a call from Grace's first grade teacher tonight. She was calling to talk to me about a spelling test Grace missed when we were out of town last week, but she also wanted to let me know what a wonderful girl Grace is and how much she loves having her in class. At the end of each day in their class they pick someone who was really well behaved to be the 'teacher's pet' the next day.  Grace was chosen to be the teacher's pet a week or so ago and was super excited about getting to do it. Well tonight her teacher wanted to tell me that Grace was chosen to be the teacher's pet again today but she let another girl in her class be teacher's pet because she had already had a turn. What a girl--I am so proud of her!

Hannah: This baby girl is such a happy and easy going baby, for which I am very grateful! I love getting her out of bed after she's been asleep because she is always so happy to see me.  I've been trying to teacher to say mama pretty much since she was born, and she's finally caught on. I hear Mamamamama all day long now and it's music to my ears! :) I love it.

So those are my moments for the day. Pretty good moments, I think. I love my kiddos!