Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another {belated} birthday post :)

So it appears I am a little slow when it comes to blogging this year. :)

Since I heard there were people out there wondering if Grace even had a birthday (because they hadn't seen any pictures yet) I thought I better post a few. :)

Grace did have a birthday, and it was quite a fun one at that!
As she put it, she had a real birthday (on her actual birthday, which was a Sunday) and a fake birthday (a party with friends the Saturday before her birthday). Yeah, she's cute...and I love the way her mind works!

Anyway, we celebrated her actual birthday with a nice Sunday at home as a family. She opened presents, we had cupcakes and ice cream, and ate pretty much only Grace approved foods, which means we ate breakfast foods all day. :) It was a really nice day. I just love how excited kids get about birthdays, even when they are so simple. Grace was just thrilled to be turning five, and she was super happy with simple celebrations. I love that!

Here are some pictures of her big day:

On Saturday, the day before her birthday, we had a little party with friends. It was a lot of fun, not because I planned some huge, fantastic party, but because Grace was just SO excited! It was her first party with friends and she had been planning for months. She knew who she wanted to invite, what theme she wanted, and what she wanted to do at the party. Pretty much it was the same as Joshua's, just with a Fancy Nancy theme instead of a football theme. I love how she likes to do everything just like him, except with a girly flair, of course! :)

So we played Pin the Bow on Fancy Nancy and butterfly cake walk, took fancy pictures, and made necklaces. It was so fun...a fabulous fancy time was had by all!

We sure are glad to have this cute, spunky girl in our family! Sometimes I tell people I wish I could keep her small forever, but I really wouldn't want to. I love seeing her grow and learn new things. I love the joy that she has for life and the laughter she brings into our lives! We love you Grace!

PS-can I brag for a minute? I drew the Fancy Nancy poster! I have to brag because I really doubted that it would actually end up looking like FN, but it did! Bryan was sitting on the couch while I was working on it at the table, and he was really good to put up with all my excited exclamations about how it was actually turning out!! Okay, I'm done now. :)