Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Family Style

Halloween sure seemed to come and go in a hurry this year.
I think it was midway through October by the time I had all the decorations out, and I may or may not have been found making my costume on the evening of October 30th. :)  My brain was certainly more focused elsewhere this year!
Thankfully our kiddos picked costumes that were not only things we had on hand or could easily obtain, but they also chose costumes that went together, so we were able to pull off a nice little family theme without too much effort. Yay!
Grace wanted to be a Pampa Harvester cheerleader, and since it is all the rage for little girls to wear mini Harvester cheerleader uniforms to the Friday night home games, that was an easy one to track down.
Joshua wanted to be a football player, and he already had a Cowboys uniform, so that one was a cinch, too.
Bryan and I decided that since the kids had picked coordinating costumes, we better go along with the theme as well.  Bryan has a friend that refs games, so he borrowed his uniform, and all I had to do was paint my shirt with a football for Hannah to "wear."  The kids thought that was especially awesome!

We had a chili supper and trunk-or-treat at the church, which was fun.  It is always good to see so many people from our ward come together for some good times!  Poor Grace wasn't feeling too hot, and I think walking around the parking lot was about all she could handle anyway, so it was perfect. :)
And now Thanksgiving will be here before we know it...time continues to fly!
I am especially excited for Thanksgiving this year, so fly away, Time, fly away! :)

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