Saturday, October 8, 2011


Early last spring I planted a few seeds in our front flower bed, and I think I created a monster!
I planted three different kinds of flowers, but the zinnias came up so well (and grew like CRAZY once they were up) that they completely overtook the flower bed! Nothing else would grow.
The zinnias were supposed to be about 24" tall...they are currently about 4 1/2' tall! And they have started to grow out of the flowerbed and over the sidewalk and driveway. I actually ran one over with my car the other day...Oops! :) When we had our garage sale in August, we actually had a lady ask us if she could pay us for some of the dead blossoms so she could have the seeds! Don't worry, though, I let her take my dead flowers free of charge! :) I quit watering them a few weeks ago, thinking they were hitting the end of their season, but they are still growing away.
The last couple of weeks the flowers have been attracting some awesome butterflies. I thought the kids would think that was pretty cool, but admittedly, I get more excited about it than they do! I have loved seeing all of the different butterflies floating around. I couldn't help but look at their intricate details and remember the wonder of God's creations, both big and small! Aren't they beautiful?!


  1. Those flowers are beautiful. We used to have a really nice garden in Boise but since we moved to Lubbock I have had such a hard time keeping things alive. Must be the heat and the west-facing house with all of the sun on the plants.

  2. We planted zinnias this year too! They were out of control!!! Not in a bad way, in a "these are so gorgeous, I am planting them every year!" way. :) I finally clipped a million to put in a vase inside and tore them out. We had to plant our tulips for Spring! :)

  3. Beautiful flowers and butterflies! I am so jealous, my flowers were hit by frost awhile ago, but that's WI weather for ya. Thanks for sharing these pics!